Just Say No to 2.0

Many IT pundits seem fascinated with versioning their bandwagons these days (yet another example of microwave mentality). We have Web 2.0, BPM 2.0, Security 2.0 and, since we apparently need less clarity around the concept of SO, SOA 2.0.


Yefim Natis is a Gartner analyst who has been promoting SOA 2.0. Yefim thinks the negative reaction is good because it gets people talking about him and Gartner "demonstrates the interactive nature of Web 2.0". (Apparently interactivity wasn't part of that tired, old Web 1.0.)


Architectural concepts aren't products so versioning them is a questionable practice. I won’t go into details about what SOA 2.0 is supposed to be and why it should just go away - many others have already done a fine job of this. Duane posted a nice summary but I can't point to the specific post (thanks, Blogger).


Check out MacehiterWard-Dutton's online petition.


BTW - I joked about Workflow 2.0 in an earlier post - this term should not be taken seriously.


Update: IT Sneak (IT Week's version of Spencer Katt) is referring to SOA 2.0 as "Stupid Oracle Acronym 2.0".