Moving the SOA Goalposts

SOA is about loosely coupled system integration.  

Sorry, I meant to say that SOA is about enabling loosely coupled business processes .  

On the other hand SOA is about reuse, except that its actually not about reuse.

Hang on a minute, SOA is like event driven architecture (EDA).   No, scratch that – SOA is different from EDA but it still manages to complement it.

On second thought, SOA has nothing to do with technology at all – SOA is about business transformation .   But lets not confuse SOA with Enterprise Architecture because its not.   Or is it?

Whatever SOA is, if you think you’ve implemented it, adopted it or deployed it, you’re wrong.  In fact you don’t even have a clue about what SOA is.   Just ask a consultant or an analyst firm – they will be quite happy to bill you tell you how wrong you are about SOA and why you haven’t properly implemented it / adopted it / deployed it / whatever.