New Webcast: Patterns for SOA

I did a webcast this morning with Ron Jacobs (PAG), Alex Weinert (Indigo) and Ted Neward (Author, Speaker, All Around Geek). The topic was "Patterns for SOA" and used an informal "talk show" format. Here is the description of the session:

"Service Oriented Architecture represents a new style of architecture, design and implementation. In this webcast we will cover 4 principles which guide the architecture, 3 patterns for SOA and 2 anti-patterns which represent common mistakes that you should avoid."

You can view a recording of this webcast here. I've uploaded a slightly modified version of the presentation here (ppt format, natch).


This webcast also served as a launch for the "SOA Architectural Theme". There are a number of deliverables and activities planned for this theme. In the short term we will be delivering a few papers on SOA Patterns and Anti-Patterns (including sample code). A paper on understanding and implementing an FEA compliant solution is also under development. I'll post early looks at these works in progress here for your feedback and flames. 


And now for something completely different:

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