Office 2007 Rocks!

I finally took the red pill last night and jumped to Office 2007.  What a pleasant surprise!  Outlook, Word, etc are much faster with a much cleaner UI.  I wasn't sure what to think about the new UI but its turned out to be much easier to work with than I expected. 


I decided to tweak Outlook Today a bit - this simple tweak should also work on Outlook 2003 for you.  I wanted to include a search folders in Outlook Today's folder overview but search folders are not available in the configuration screen (this is also true of Office 2003).  To fix this you can do the following (again, this should work with Office 2003 too):


  1. Run regedit
  2. Scroll down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Today\Folders (this is probably Office\11 or something similar in Office 2003)
  3. Add a new String value to the list of available values - the existing ones are named 0, 1, 2 so name the new string value "3"
  4. Double-click on the new string value and set its Value data property to the location of the Search folder you want to appear in Outlook today.  For me this should be something like  \\Mailbox - <your Outlook name>\Search Folders\<search folder name>


That's it.  Your search folder should now appear within Outlook Today.