Process Interruptus

The BPM Group is facing a bit of challenge.   Apparently there is a disagreement underway between BPMG and the company that runs their website.   This means if you pull up the BPMG's website at you will be redirected to a company named Bennu (with a rather nasty message about BPMG).   BPMG's temporary site is here:

Apparently Bennu not only hosted BPMG's site but its also the home of several of BPMG's senior staff members.  Bennu also seems to be offering many of the training and certification courses that were part of BPMG.  

Bennu is an interesting name for the company - especially since its apparently an Egyptian version of the phoenix.  


Hey True Believer - this is from Captain America and Falcon ish 168! An analogy to BPMG and Bennu? You decide...