SOA Fatigue

Dave Linthicum recently blogged about not attending SOA conferences because he is able to determine the core trends and messages they would be promoting.  I've thought this about SOA books, reports, trade magazines and online articles for well over a year.    Does this mean SOA is dead?   Is it time for yet another IT crisis?    Hell no.    

The answer here is simple - SOA is no longer a mysterious concept that we need conferences, presentations, books and articles to clarify for us.    We get it and many of us are actually designing and implementing it.   A couple years ago I stated that the tools were mature enough and it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.    Apparently there are still an awful lot of people that would rather talk and write about SOA than actually implement it.    We get it already - stop debating what it is and go build something already.