SOA Paper and Presentation from ALT-I-Lab 2004

I've uploaded a paper and presentation that I co-wrote with Scott Thorne (OKI) and Stuart Sim (Sun) for ALT-I-Lab.  Here is the abstract from the paper:

At the present time the large community of educational systems and content providers and their users are having trouble understanding the complicated specifications world. To help in the understanding of this area, we can use a general architectural pattern and functional area breakout to help organize and give a context to this information. This paper provides a conceptual framework to do this.

This paper resulted in the formation of the Redwood Group. The Redwood Group is designed to promote the adoption of service-oriented approaches and specification harmonization/clarification for educational technologies. The focus is on implementations and “prescriptive” guidance (more than just white papers). This group brings together a number of educational IT thought-leaders that are interested in harmonising service oriented e-learning frameworks. This group is designed to emulate the old SOAP builders effort.

Sound interesting? Get involved!