Ugly, ugly ugly

At the F2F last week, BPEL4WS' dependency on WS-Addressing was resolved in a rather ugly fashion:

<service-ref reference-scheme="">
   <foo:barEPR xmlns:foo=""> ... </foo:barEPR>

The TC's rationale was that until a “standardized“ approach for EPR is made available, this approach provides the best alternative. Per Yaron, “This is a punt, not a solution“.  We're probably going to re-open and correct this issue prior to final publication.

Lots of FUD has been spread within the TC regarding dependencies on “proprietary“ specifications. The web services workshops are open to anyone and help ensure that the specifications are implementable. The workshops enable anyone to help develop/influence a specification while avoiding some of the fees associated with joining a standards organization. Get involved in a web services workshop today!