WS-Addressing submitted to the W3C

WS-Addressing has been submitted to the W3C!

Its important to note that, despite some FUD to the contrary, all web services specifications will be going into a standards organizations such as W3C. Before the specs get to a "standards body" they will have already been through a detailed design review, verification and several multi-vendor/multi-platform interoperability tests (as opposed to a traditionally slower process within a typical standards org). We refer to this as the web services workshop process - more on this (and how to get involved in it) below.

Don't believe the FUD from some people using the phrase "proprietary web services specs" – the difference here is that the web services work is going through a rigorous technical validation process at a much faster pace than in a traditional standards group. Once this process is completed the specification is submitted to a standards group (like the W3C). This process results in a much higher quality (e.g. easily understandable and implementable) web services specification.

The web services workshop process is open to anyone - there are no "membership fees" required (unlike some standards organizations). Learn more about how to participate in the web services Workshops here.

Interesting note: Sun is now both a co-submitter and co-author of WS-Addressing.  It should be interesting to see what happens with WS-MessageDelivery now that Sun is associated with both WS-Addressing and WS-MessageDelivery.