WS-BPEL Second Public Review Draft and Last F2F

Its a sunny day here in Costa Mesa and the WS-BPEL TC is wrapping up what should be our last F2F meeting prior to standardization.   Its been a long journey here from our initial meeting back in May 2003

The TC completed addressing the comments received during Public Review and posted an update to the original WS-BPEL 2.0 draft for public review (DOC).  A diff doc between the original Public Draft and the updated Public Draft should be available soon.   See the Public Review issues list for details.   Look for the official announcement from OASIS about the second Public Review soon.

I was very happy to see the TC approve a special acknowledgement to thank Peter Furniss for his work on the WS-BPEL automated issues list (see the status section of the revised spec).   The tools that Peter developed could be quite helpful to any OASIS TC, not just BPEL.  

Now I just need to finish the Primer and update the XHTML, RDDL, etc.  We also need to clarify our errata process.

Thanks to all past and present members of the BPEL TC for your work on the spec!