Innovations présentées sur le Stand Microsoft de la NRF2014

Cette année le stand Microsoft a mis à l’honneur de nombreux partenaires. Ils y ont présenté des projets innovants et prêts à être déployés! Ci dessous une présentation des différents démonstrateurs, une liste extraite de la page Web dédiée au stand Microsoft de la NRF2014.

Je me tiens à votre disposition pour continuer l’échange si nous nous sommes croisés sur le stand ou pour l’ouvrir si nous ne nous sommes pas encore rencontrés.

Accenture and Windows Embedded
Connected Fitting Room | Capitalizing on an underutilized resource to increase sales at retail
The connected fitting room solution from Accenture and Microsoft is an Intelligent System powered by Microsoft technology that goes beyond simply upgrading aesthetics. Through a combination of the digital, cloud and analytics capabilities—key pillars of an intelligent system—this solution not only creates a much more engaging experience that encourages customers to buy (and buy more), but also delivers deep insights into customer preferences and staff responsiveness that store managers can use to make better merchandising and staffing decisions.

Avanade and Accenture
Avanade & Accenture Connected Retail | Omni-channel retail software and services
Avanade with Accenture helps retailers achieve a Connected Retail Experience – the use of innovative retail management solutions, based on Microsoft technology, that deliver truly differentiating ways for retailers to engage with their customers. Visit with us for a personal demonstration of our next-generation omni-channel sales and service solution, enhanced by unique customer and social insight, mobile assisted selling, and customer collaboration capabilities that help retailers deliver the convenient and personalized shopping experience today’s consumers demand.

Christie Digital
Christie® Managed Services | Retail displays, project solutions, service and support
Christie® Managed Services provides retailers with custom digital signage solutions that are specifically designed, built, deployed and supported for individual unique and functional retail needs. Our custom designed display solutions seamlessly integrate into your retail locations and meet any unique business challenge, application or budget. With over a decade of experience, backed by our company’s 80+ years of success, Christie’s Managed Services team has the expertise to work for you.

Dassault Systèmes
3DEXPERIENCE Business Platform for Retail | 3DEXPERIENCE enables delightful experiences for consumers
Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Business Platform provides Retailers with a unique environment to create better faster, smarter products that will inspire the purchase decision. Powered by 3D and social capabilities, the 3DEXPERIENCE business platform helps retailers deliver winning consumer experiences across all channels.

  • Collaborate with partners, suppliers and stakeholders on a single platform to better execute and delight customers in store.
  • Effective planning and lifecycle management of the assortment, the space and the brand to drive disruptive innovation.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE to create better and faster new conceptual designs and store layouts using 3D.

Esri Location Analytics | Understand the "where" in your data
Esri is a leading provider of location analytics for retail. Esri’s platform works with the business systems companies already have to let users improve performance and profitability of every facet of their retail operations. From understanding “where” customers can boost sales, improve marketing effectiveness or increase customer intimacy. Esri uses the power of place to connect datasets together and deliver tangible insight and better outcomes. No matter what role customers play or the size of the organization, Location Analytics helps customers make their businesses more profitable and successful.

GreenBridge Computing
Zero-client Solution | Retail hardware – devices and services that can turn every PC into 20 workstations
Cut your hardware costs by 80%. Introducing The HUB: a revolutionary zero client that turns all your PCs into 20 workstations. The HUB replaces your desktops with zero clients at ¼ the cost of conventional VDI / thin clients.

  • EFFICIENT. Streamline your Windows 8 migration. Plug and play for retailers. Auto-failover for high-availability.
  • PROVEN. Currently in use in 100,000s of terminals. Expertise from the creators of MultiPoint Server.

One PC, 20 workstations.

Kinect for Windows
Digital Sign & Kiosk Solutions that naturally interacts with customers
In today’s world it is essential for retailers to find ways to attract and connect with customers - and standout from the competition. Kinect for Windows helps retailers use their space strategically and efficiently to create the best possible customer experience while leveraging the latest in technology. With Windows Kinect, a variety of interactive experiences are possible that engage customers and truly help them to learn more about products and make satisfying purchasing decisions. Please visit Kinect for Windows in the Microsoft booth to discuss how it is being applied by retailers today to drive their business forward in new, innovative ways.

MICROS Mobile Experience

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions
Retail Analytics & Big Data | Retail data analytics and visualization using Power BI
Retailers face stiff competition and often thin profit margins. Regardless of size, organizations strive to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues. Retailers needs to know everything about their customers, products, employees, and historical trends and also be able to make decisions on that information in a timely manner to develop an intimate relationship with its customers. Microsoft Data Platform offers easy access to data of any type or size, whether it’s structured in relational databases, unstructured on Hadoop or Streaming data. All this using familiar tools by using the new data discovery and analysis features in Excel with the collaboration capabilities in the new Power BI for Office 365 online service.

Microsoft Dynamics
Dynamic eCommerce and Customer Experience
This unique solution delivers one of the industry’s first native integration of web store-front and digital content management, order fulfillment, shipping, payment, catalog and more. While most eCommerce solutions are engineered as websites with search, the Microsoft solution is built on search - web pages are dynamically built as the solution incorporates managed content, authored content, item detail from Microsoft Dynamics and more. With integrated Social, retailers can now build a rich omni-channel shopping experience.
Solutions for Dynamic Retailers. Delivered By Microsoft Services.
Microsoft Services is the enterprise strategy, consulting, and enterprise support division of Microsoft, helping businesses around the world maximize their ROI on Microsoft investments. We are structured to provide retailers with end-to-end expertise to help you realize your business priorities. Our solutions for retail, built on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and other complementary Microsoft products and technologies, enables retailers to deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated shopping experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail
Omni-channel interactions & operations
The Microsoft Dynamics for Retail vision is to empower enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic by delivering a complete shopping experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS), omni-channel management, store operations, eCommerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed consumer expectations, and build enduring loyalty with superior time to value—in other words, to become a Dynamic Retailer.
Modern & Mobile Point of Service
Microsoft Dynamics for Retail delivers immersive Point of Sale and Point of Service mobile experiences for retailers and their consumers virtually anywhere, anytime, on any device. This solution helps retailers enhance the shopping experience, and include:

  • A native and immersive Windows 8 POS experience on Surface and Windows Phone 8 devices as well as integration with OEM devices
  • Assisted Sales scenario providing rich clienteling experiences
  • Unassisted Sales, Inventory Management, Daily Operations, and more

Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer
Employee Engagement | Engage your employees and customers with Office 365
Office 365 can empower Retail Associates by giving them access to all the content, information and support needed to deliver a great store experience for customers. Transform your Retail Associates from just being focused on sales to being a key driver of product innovation by giving them the tools to capture critical customer feedback and pass this along to Corporate Headquarters.

Shelf activity and Customer Interaction Analysis | Retail analytics and monitoring solution for analyzing shelf activity and customer interaction with merchandise image sensing technology

Online Services Corporation
LiveTiles | Browser-based user experience design tool for SharePoint
The LiveTiles Retail Portal includes schedules and tasks, automated administration of HR forms, store layouts and opportunities for engagement via a social feed. Workers can also receive product alerts and company news, while management level employees can receive sales data from back end business systems to assist their decision making process.

The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team has torn down the walls of retail to deliver a highly interactive and uniquely portable shopping experience. Get hands-on and see how digital can create big moments with smaller and more nimble footprints. Our 5D Retail Platform seamlessly connects a variety of devices to attract customers, drive product engagement and arm store associates with more contextualized tools. The end result is a fun and personal experience—the way shopping should be.

Surface in Retail | Retail applications and solutions
Keep one step ahead of connected shoppers with Surface: organize your merchandise, mobilize your workforce, manage accounts, and engage your customers’ loyalty by giving them more than they expect. Surface is a 2-in-one device for retail that promises to redefine the in-store experience for your customers and employees alike.

TXT Integrated Retail Planning and PLM | Integrated planning and PLM for retail and fashion
TXT Integrated Retail Planning and PLM deliver an exceptional combination of planning, product development support and analytics. Integration spans across channels, products, functions, time horizons, and all critical Retail and Fashion processes: from sales planning, product development, merchandise and assortment planning, down to forecasting, allocation and replenishment. Advanced analytics within the solution mean users can concurrently plan and carry out what-if scenarios and ultimately have a clear understanding of the cause and effects at all levels. Workflow management across processes ensures consistency and coordination reducing product development and planning lead times.

Windows 8
Tablets form factors for mobile Point-of-Sale, Assisted Sales, Retail Execution, and Store Operations
Retailers boost customer satisfaction, conversion and basket size when deploying tablets as mobile Points-Of-Sale (mPOS), Clientelling platforms and Store Operations tools. Tablets equipped with credit card readers and barcode scanners enable a purchase to occur anywhere in the store and instant connection to inventory databases. Sales associates perform “line-busting”, delight customers with product information on-demand while store managers control operations without leaving the floor.
Assisted selling: Consumer engagement & associate support, featuring Xomni
Xomni provides services to differentiate the retail customer experience by bringing together relevant enterprise information in context for customer sales assistance or inquiry handling.
Operations intelligence, featuring Datazen
Monitor retail operations from any device. Datazen offers a unified environment capable of connecting to your existing data sources and integrating with your existing security infrastructure to rapidly develop and publish KPIs, dashboards and scorecards. Track key metrics in real time, visualize important trends and collaborate with your team members through any tablet, smart phone or workstation.
Store system tablet integration, featuring Microsoft Consulting Services
Microsoft Consulting Services delivers integrated solutions combining your omni-channel brand, customer data and transaction services to modernize your store system.