NRF 2016 – Petit Guide pour préparer votre visite du stand Microsoft


Nous vous donnons rendez-vous pour cet événement incontournable de l’univers de la distribution.

Cette année nous serons encore présent avec un stand conséquent et surtout un nombre de partenaires sigificatif. Nous ne parlerons pas science fiction mais bien projets réels et souvent déjà déployés.


Trois thèmes ont été retenus pour organiser le stand.

  • Accélérer l'innovation et la croissance
  • Développer l'engagement client dans un monde digital
  • Renforcer l'efficacité et l'impact de vos équipes

Tous les détails sur le stand et les conférences: link

listes des partenaires présents:


Acuity Brands Lighting

Bytelight Services for Precise Indoor Positioning

ByteLight™ technology, from Acuity Brands Lighting, offers a world-class indoor positioning solution for creating personalized shopping experiences and enabling more efficient store operations. Integrated into intelligent LED lighting systems, ByteLight technology combines Bluetooth Low Energy and Visible Light Communication; precisely locating a shopper's smartphone to within 6 inches. The solution is permanently affixed and powered-by-the-light, meaning there are no batteries or additional infrastructure to locate and maintain. Microsoft Azure cloud services provide a scalable, secure backend that retailers and brands can leverage to deliver data-driven applications and services to shoppers. ByteLight can be funded through operating cost reductions via energy-savings from LED lighting.


Avanade and Sitecore

Unified Commerce

Learn how a large electronics retailers is transforming their stores into omnichannel shopping hubs using the Microsoft ecosystem.  The line between channels is blurring – 71% of shoppers expect to view in-store inventory online, and more than 50% expect to buy online and pick up their purchase in a physical store. See a demonstration of how Microsoft’s omnichannel commerce solution - Sitecore Experience Platform integrated Microsoft Dynamics and Modern Point of Sale as deployed by Avanade  - is helping this retailer turn their stores into immersive, full-service shopping hubs that deliver heightened experience, fulfillment and service from digital to physical.

Avensia / EPiServer

Avensia Storefront

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Avensia Storefront provides enterprise e-commerce on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The turn-key omnichannel solution is instantly available in Azure and includes the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™, integrations, starter site and additional functionality. Episerver is the platform that includes all the tools you need to easily manage content, optimize digital marketing, and deliver a friction-free e-commerce experience, with a seamless integration with Dynamics AX. This is the solution that puts you in the driver’s seat – guiding your customers through the whole sales process, and offering you a 360 degree view where every channel is managed from one interface.

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems

Digital Analytics for Brick & Mortar Retail

Sense and respond technology is the new necessity for customer-centric retail.  Using real-time sensors and process automation, retailers can benefit from the same actionable insight and predictive analytics in retail stores and DCs that they have today in their e-commerce operations. Checkpoint’s Merchandise Visibility Applications running on Microsoft Azure, along with Microsoft Power BI,  enable retail CIOs to collect, contextualize and analyze real-time data from IoT devices and integrate actionable information with existing processes and systems of record.  This solution demonstrates how digital data can inform sense-and-respond retailing in the physical world, creating seamless, relevant shopper experiences across channels.  Applications range from analytics dashboards that inform assortment, merchandising and logistics decisions to Windows Mobile applications that empower store employees to easily and accurately fulfill omni-channel orders in a fraction of the time.


Diji-touch with Mondelez

Intelligent Vending

Diji-touch looks like a vending machine and acts like a marketing engine offering branding, interaction, and consumption in one. Hands-on interaction adds to the engagement and brings consumers back time and time again. Every interaction becomes real-time, actionable data, helping us better connect with customers. IoT device monitoring reports on device health, machine inventory, and user demographics. This data enables proactive and preventative maintenance, just-in-time restocks, product mix adjustments, and consumer targeting, which all translate into less down time and higher sales.



FreedomPay and Microsoft Retail Commerce Solutions

FreedomPay, together with the security and scalability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, offers enterprises a single platform solution to leverage technology as a significant competitive advantage. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the world’s first PCI-Validated P2PE payments solution with EMV, NFC and real-time data capabilities that can deliver on a global scale. Operating on the Windows Platform and fully supported by the Microsoft Azure cloud, enterprises can choose from a vast array of integrations across point-of-sale devices, payment processors and financial institutions, providing unparalleled protection for all payment transactions. FreedomPay’s innovative commerce technologies are transforming today’s omni-channel shopping experience across the retail ecosystem; in-store, on-line and on-mobile. Available anytime, anywhere, across any device.


Hitachi Solutions

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics provides a comprehensive ecommerce system that is rich in merchandising, inventory, and marketing capabilities. This solution offers a user-friendly, premium shopping experience for customers and an essential business management tool for administrators. Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics solutions enables web storefronts to be up-to-date with accurate and timely product, pricing, and customer information. With responsive design and native search-engine optimized web store functionality, eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics provides a software platform that advances brand awareness, and ensures a higher outreach to both existing and potential customers.



LiveTiles Design

LiveTiles seamlessly integrates and empowers Microsoft products in retail by allowing non-technical users to build UX-rich sites in just minutes, dramatically reducing the time it takes for them to see value in their investment and minimizing the cost. The LiveTiles Design modern UI tool engages employees and end users across all levels by making them part of a thriving online community where they can easily connect to people, resources and knowledge. Inspiring sustained adoption and enhancing real-time collaboration amongst employees and staff, LiveTiles Design allows the freedom to access information on almost any device.


Mindtree Ltd


An engaging conversation between a confused Shopper and a proactive, well-informed Store Associate can provide the necessary nudge for a sale to happen. Burdened with operational activities, Store Associates are challenged to figure out which shoppers to attend to. Delivering continuous trainings to keep Store Associates well-informed remains an ongoing challenge.

Flooresense identifies anonymous high potential Shoppers in your store and alerts the right Store Associates to attend to them. This cloud based platform leverages your existing CCTV infrastructure.



Commerce Orchestration™ Cloud

Orckestra delivers Unified Commerce in the Cloud, building on Azure and Dynamics AX to help medium- and large-sized retailers, grocers and branded manufacturers deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience across in-store, mobile and online.



Omnichannel Solutions

Photon is the world’s largest and fastest growing provider of omni-channel and digital experiences. Photon works with over 30% of the Fortune 100s as their digital innovation partner of choice and has the largest digital consumer footprint with over 120mn daily consumer touchpoints. Photon has the largest pool of omni-channel engineers with over 3,400 engineers across offices in US, India, Indonesia and the Netherlands.



Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

RSM US LLP provides solutions designed specifically to help multichannel retailers innovate, manage and grow their business.  The solutions include retail-focused enterprise software leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, implementation and strategic services, IT and operational consulting and flexible delivery options including on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments. These solutions are supported by highly skilled consultants, with a deep understanding of the retail industry, and proven experience helping retailers enhance operational performance, reduce costs, improve customer loyalty and deliver a consistent and high quality customer experience across all their channels.




In today’s mobile world, brick-and-mortar retailers seek to delight customers with great digital experiences... but their efforts fall short. SKIP is creating a better experience for both the shopper and the retailer. Not only are shoppers now able to “skip the line” by performing a self-checkout on their mobile device, they are also empowered with list management, personalized shopping, and dynamic product information. Retailers, in turn, are enjoying more data than ever and interacting with shoppers in a personalized way. Their day has arrived and brick-and-mortar shopping will never be the same.




TokyWoky is the first real-time chat system between online shoppers of the same merchant website. TokyWoky appears on its client’s website as a window in the lower right corner of every webpage. It lets any visitor ask a question to all other customers currently browsing the website. In a few months, its social and gamified interface creates a community of ambassadors on the client’s website. This community drives sales up (+7% on average), reduces support costs. (-20% on average) and provides key data on user experience.




VMob is a mobile marketing suite built specifically for retailers, using in-store beacon functionality, mobile vouchers and mobile loyalty to increase store traffic, improve in-store experience and build loyalty. Vouchers, loyalty incentives and app content are all tailored specifically to each shopper by our big data platform running on the Microsoft Azure network using a combination of historic information and live data points such as location, weather and nearby events.

Microsoft - MCS

Microsoft Services

Empowered Retail

The Empowered Retail integrated solution demonstrates how Retailers might integrate marketing, sales, and service to attract new customers and enrich relationships with existing customers. Engage with Microsoft services to understand how:  1. Data analytics and targeted promotions across social and mobile channels will help generate new sales opportunities and enhance revenue streams driving shareholder value. 2. Highly targeted, consistent, and personalized content, messages, and promotions will improve the brand experience and increase customer loyalty. 3. An integrated platform will unify applications and devices across channels delivering a seamless customer experience and productive store associates.

Microsoft - Cortana Analytics

Microsoft - Cortana Analytics and PowerBI

Customer Insights & Personalization

Microsoft solutions for retail help reduce complexity while providing unparalleled customer insight that enables a better connection with your customers.  Powered by the cloud and leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics, retailers can identify what their consumers want and deliver it in near real time and execute in the store at the point of sale.



Assisted Selling - Powered by XOMNI and Shoptelligence

Make your associates more profitable using the latest in Assisted Selling technology. Xomni, a leader in Omni-channel cloud platforms for rich retail experiences and Shoptelligence, provider of the first Unified Commerce Digital Smart Stylist join forces to deliver “Smart Associate for Unified Commerce”. Technology highlights from XOMNI include Cloud-based Product Catalogue, Wish List, OmniPlay to Digital Signage and APIs for Rich Client Development. Shoptelligence enhances this with dynamic, objective and style-based ensemble recommendations for known and unknown shoppers, turning the Associate into a knowledgeable personal stylist. The result is a deeper engagement with shoppers, increased profit and basket size.