DirectX game templates for Visual Studio are posted

Screenshot of the Visual Studio 2013 New Project dialog box, with the DirectX game template selected. Graphic: Microsoft

Get them here.

Are you creating a game for the Windows Store? If you’re looking for high-performance, you’ll need to code it in C++ and DirectX. These project templates give you a big head start:

The Windows Developer Content DirectX game learning template sample extends the basic DirectX app template with features that help you understand DirectX and C++ as a game development environment. Note that the Getting Started guide has more info on using this template.

The template adds the following:

  • InputManager: Consolidated input from touch, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox controllers. 
  • Virtual analog controls: A basic virtual controller with tracked-touch analog control and digital buttons. 
  • OverlayManager: Add and manage multiple Direct2D overlays for a Direct3D scene.
  • SoundPlayer: Add rudimentary sound effects and play music as background audio. Updates to Direct3D resource management.

Get more details at the Windows Dev Center.

WDC DirectX game learning template

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