Neuroheadset Kickstarter project: 34 hours and $16,000 to go on $1.5 million goal – UPDATE: We made it!

The Stealth Black model of the Emotiv Insight neuroheadset. Photo: Emotiv

I’m very enthusiastic about this project. If it reaches the $1.5 million stretch goal in the next 34 hours, Emotiv’s new Insight neuroheadset will get a 3-axis magnetometer to detect absolute direction, which makes the 6-axis accelerometer (from the $1 million stretch goal) much more useful. Will we make to the $1.5 million goal? The suspense has me biting my fingernails…

Check it out: EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance.

UPDATE: We made it!

Screenshot of Emotiv Insight Kickstarter project after reaching the $1.5 million stretch goal. Photo: Emotiv

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