Orcas January CTP is posted

A new CTP of Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" is now posted. It has lots of new goodness. Here are just a few of the cool new features.

ClickOnce improvements
This CTP delivers ClickOnce improvements for the deployment of Windows Presentation Foundation applications, alternative browser support and ISV rebranding.

A trace listener that logs event to ETW, event tracing for Windows in Vista
Event tracing for windows is greatly improved in Vista and the most performant loggings facility available in Windows. The System.Diagnostics.EventProviderTraceListener allows managed tracing to provide events to the Vista’s ETW infrastructure. This is a highly performant, thread-safe listener.

C# 3.0 Language Support:

This CTP implements all of the C#3.0 language features from the May LINQ CTP including:

  • Query Expressions
  • Object and Collection Initializers
  • Extension Methods
  • Local Variable Type Inference and Anonymous Types
  • Lambdas bound to Delegates and Expression trees

Available as a  Virtual PC image or as a self-extracting install.