Blogcasts - surely a typo I hear you say.

No, it's not a typo! A "blogcast" is probably a new term to you as it's been made up by the IT Pro Evangelism team in the UK (not quite true, but it's nice to think we got there first). A blogcast in this context is a webcast delivered through blogs. So what's new about that I hear you ask? The answer to that is the way most of you tell me you view webcasts. How many of you can relate to one of the following statements?

  • I skip through webcasts to the bit I'm interested in
  • I pop the kettle on at the start of a webcast
  • I have the TV on while listening to a webcast, muting it when the presenter gets to the interesting slide

To solve this, a blogcast is a mini webcast (certainly under 10 minutes) delivered through a blog, concentrating on a very specific topic. No frills added. By building a series of these, we hope to be able to take you through a "journey".

Now over to you... We're busy trying to build a list of possible topics, so if you have any specific to the Windows or Virtual Server track, please let me know.

Eileen has already posted a blogcast here to give you a flavour.