HVRemote refresh

So after some 22,000 downloads (thank you) in the 8 months since first released, HVRemote has undergone a refresh to make it even easier to configure Hyper-V Remote Management and diagnose issues.

The major change in version 0.7 is the ability to perform some verification of the configuration and provide hints as to what to follow if it detects an error through the use of the new /target option. Below is an example of the new bit of output running hvremote /show /target:servername from a Windows 7 client where everything is working just fine (yes, it is fine for the ping to timeout, that just means it’s blocked by the firewall).


HVRemote 0.7 fully supports Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 and Windows 7. In addition, the home page has undergone a refresh to cover the some of the most commonly asked questions, and the documentation has been brought up to date.

For a list of other changes, please see the documentation.