Scripting Guys Webcast Week 2 - 24th January 2005

The scripting guys did a great job with a series of webcasts under the banner of "Scripting Week 1" earlier this year. They included topics such as "WMI is not a Four-Letter Word" and "Scripting Files and Folders Makes Me Happy". The week 1 webcasts are archived and available for viewing here.

The really good news is that in the new year, they're back for Scripting Week 2 from 24th to 28th January 2005. Don't be scared off by thinking scripting is just for developers - it's not, IT Pro's can learn a lot to ease administrative burdens, or just to understand more about what's going on under the covers. A quick snippet from the scriptcenter explains about the week:

What Exactly is Scripting Week 2?
Let’s put it this way: you know you’re a true guru when your applications and systems bow to your every whim. Scripting Week 2 is your next step towards achieving this power. It’s not magic—just a few scripting tricks. Scripting is an easier, faster, less error-prone way of managing systems and applications. It enables you to automate procedures and relieve yourself of unnecessary busy work and the worry of human error. We compiled all this and more in our Scripting Webcast Series, which will teach you to:

• Create scripts that harness the power of Microsoft® Office
• Write ADSI scripts to manage Active Directory®
• Take advantage of new WMI capabilities
• Run scripts under alternate user credentials
• Make use of WMI events