Troubleshooting WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)

One other webcast also spotted this morning - this one should be really good. WMI is an incredibly powerful tool for an IT Professional to have available. However, it's often (IMHO) cumbersome to script against and (again IMHO) somewhat difficult to grasp the fundamentals of. However, fear not, as Alain Lissoir will be running a webcast all about Troubleshooting WMI in a few weeks time. Details are below.

Monday 8th March 2006 09:30-10:30AM PST (5:30-6:30PM UK Time)

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a pervasive component of Microsoft Windows that is often useful in critical situations. Many enterprise management applications rely on WMI, so it is important that administrators know how to troubleshoot it properly. In this webcast, we examine the WMI architecture and look closely at how it works. We cover common situations you are likely to encounter with WMI and explain how to fix specific issues without compromising the stability of the applications that rely upon it. We also demonstrate how the new WMIDiag tool can assist you in identifying potential issues and make recommendations on how to fix them.