Using Virtual Server 2005 at Microsoft IT - the webcast

After posting up the link to the whitepaper about how Microsoft IT is using Virtual Server internally, I've now found out about a webcast on 16th August which will give the opportunity to ask the "what's and why's" about the implementation. I've included the abstract for the event below.

Microsoft information technology's (IT) Virtual Server Utility offers Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to internal Microsoft customers as a centralized managed service. This service is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) competitive with agreements associated with the ownership and management of a physical server. Microsoft had a very positive experience with Virtual Server 2005, which met or exceeded expectations across the entire SLA, metric by metric. It even exceeded expected cost-savings. Join this webcast to learn about Microsoft's pilot implementation experiences with Virtual Server 2005. We will show how this program met the challenging IT requirements at Microsoft, the methods Microsoft IT employed and the lessons Microsoft IT learned from the experience.

Presenter: Chad Lewis, Microsoft IT Lead Program Manager, IT Utility Services, Microsoft Corporation

As the lead program manager for the Compute Utility Program, Chad Lewis is helping drive Microsoft's efforts to leverage next generation consolidation technologies as a service for internal business units. Chad previously led the Release Management team, providing the interface between the core information technology (IT) functions and the Business Unit IT groups.

Registration for the event is here. As for the time of the webcast... the website says 16th August 8:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-08:00), but I suspect this is wrong, and the US are struggling with the concept of BST.... I don't doubt for one moment that it does start at 8AM local Seattle time, but they are currently in daylight savings as are we. Hence, I think it should be BST-08:00 as I know they are 8 hours out from us. In other words, it will start at 4PM UK time. Phew!