System Center Cloud Service Process Beta 安装中的几个问题

今天花费了一天时间安装System Center Cloud Service Process Beta 有几个安装的难点,与大家分享:

1. .MP 包(Management Pack)的安装在Beta版中包含的还不完全,需要下载,我这里列举两个下载地址:

For Windows Server 2008 management pack

For SQL server 2008 management pack



2. Service Manager self service portal需要能测试好,网上有一个不错的安装向导:


3.使用Cloud Service Process Beta 需要在Service Manager中用cloud service配置好链接器


什么是System Center Cloud Service Process Beta:

简单是的说这是一个System Center Service Manager中的重要组件。他能提升微软云计算基础架构即服务应用层的项目和能力分配的优化。他的好处可以简单的表述如下:

The benefits offered by System Center Cloud Services Process Pack Beta for the enterprise include:

  • Deep customization and extension of the cloud services experience; natively supported by the System Center suite of products.
  • Reduced cost, effort, and time to deploy cloud services to organizations that already leverage the System Center platform.

The benefits offered by System Center Cloud Services Process Pack for consumers of IT within the enterprise include:

  • Standardized and well-defined processes for requesting and managing cloud services, including the ability to define Projects, Capacity pools, and Virtual Machines.
  • Natively supported request, approval, and notification to enable businesses to effectively manage their own allocated infrastructure capacity pools.