Excel 2013 Flash Fill - How to?

This morning i got the task of appending @abc.com to a list of user names for e.g. usera, userb, userc should become usera@abc.com; userb@abc.com; userc@abc.com there were like 2500 hundred user ids and i had to put @abc.com in front of each and everyone. Excel 2013 Flash Fill came into my mind and this is how i achieved my task:

 So let's begin Excel 2013 Flash Fill - Hello World!

Enter the user names in the column A

 Enter the desired result in Column B for only one record such as here usera will become usera@abc.com

Now select this record/cell (usera@abc.com) and you would find a square on the bottom right of the selected cell. As soon as you will click the square (hold the mouse click) you would see at the bottom of your Excel work sheet a statement written as "drag outside selection to extend series or fill; drag inside to clear".



The idea here is to drag this selection to all the cells below which you want to be filled, as soon as you do you would notice all the cells would be filled with the same record as of the first cell which you used to drag. That is certainly not your target.

At the last cell (Row 5, Column B) you would again see a square appearing on the bottom right giving you an option list, click it and you will see four options.


 Click Flash Fill and the result which you will get is shown in the below picture. 


This is how you can replicate a dynamic series to multiple cells by just filling, dragging one cell and clicking Flash Fill.