Internet Explorer 10 - compatibility, browser not being detected

Sometimes you would come across a scenario where you're actually using Internet Explorer 10 however when you open any website it will say that it can't be displayed properly because you're running an older version of the browser. Different websites gives different messages or they don't show you their full interface because it is assumed that you're probably on an older browser like IE 6, 7 etc or you're not running the latest version of Internet Explorer (10). 

A small tip, when you think that you're on IE 10 etc and the message/interface appearing shouldn't appear then kindly hit F12 key and click on the Browser Mode tab, in my case when i open it i see that my browser is running under IE 10 compat view. This is the reason, once i click on Internet Explorer 10 and the page reloads fine.

Hence, earlier my browser was under the compatibility mode and once i switch it to IE 10 or what ever that website works like a charm.