Microsoft Innovation Center Launched in Lahore

Lahore – November 21, 2012: Microsoft Pakistan recently unveiled Microsoft Innovation Center in Lahore, a one-of-a-kind venture in collaboration with Government of Punjab. MIC is established with the aim of facilitating the local IT-based economy with support from Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Microsoft Innovation Centers are state-of-the-art technology facilities built to foster innovative research, technological development and provide software solutions to a plethora of government, academic and industrial stakeholders. Globally, there are more than hundred such facilities available for IT and non-IT personnel to develop their skills and showcase their talent on a universal platform.



Under this initiative, different programs are geared to provide development and progress to diverse segments of the knowledge-based economy. The Skills Development program focuses on intellectual capital and polishes the IT-skills of people through technical and business courses for local ICT companies. It also provides structured employment programs for students. The second program which is Partnership Accelerator focuses on enabling successful partnerships by connecting people and organizations in the innovation ecosystem. The local and regional industrial alliances are further cultivated in partnership with Microsoft to support the growth of software ‘industry clusters’ and software quality assurance programs.

Another program which is the Innovation Accelerator emphasizes on the enhancement of local technical capacity through innovative engagements. This includes labs, prototype development, testing for ISVs, Startups, Partners, Students and Entrepreneurs.

Sayed Hashish -General Manager, Microsoft North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan also commented: “Through our collaboration with the government of Punjab, we are now providing access to world-class resources for software developers, IT professionals, students, academics and entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Tuned to local and regional needs, MIC in Lahore will fuel the development of local software industries in Pakistan and fill young technology users with enthusiasm to make them ready to address the challenges ahead.”