Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Getting Support

The CRM Forum is a good place to post your questions. Make sure to search for the answer to your question before you post as it may already be answered. Other CRM users and experts can provide feedback on your problem.


Other technical support is available from one of the following options.

Choose a support plan

Service offerings may vary by country. If you are located in the United States or Canada, learn more about available service plans. For customers outside the United States and Canada, please visit the Microsoft Business Solutions worldwide locations page. Or contact your local channel partner for more information about available service options.

Access customer support

If you are in the United States or Canada, and you have a Microsoft Business Solutions service plan, visit CustomerSource to access e-Support. Enter your user name and password. Or call (888) 477-7877 for telephone support, and enter your authorization number. Retail Management System customers should call (888) 400-4266.

If your Microsoft Business Solutions service plan has lapsed, contact your local channel partner for support assistance. Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Solomon customers in the United States and Canada and Microsoft Business Solutions CRM and Microsoft Business Retail Management System customers worldwide have the option to acquire per-incident support from Microsoft Business Solutions. Call (888) 477-7877 in the United States and Canada. Or call the local support number for your country to acquire per-incident support.

If you are enrolled in Microsoft Services Premier Support or Microsoft Services Essential Support, call (800) 936-3500 in the United States or Canada. Or call the local Microsoft Support.