New MSDN Code Samples Gallery

imageRan into the all new MSDN Code Samples Gallery a while back and have been meaning to update my fav coders. I had been recommending the Microsoft Code Gallery but this is the new place. Here is some 411:

With the Code Samples Gallery we are providing Microsoft and the community with a great way to learn from code.

  • Share your Code Sample

    You can upload your code sample and publish it within minutes. Just package your Visual Studio solution in a .zip file, provide it with title, description, summary, platform, topic and technology information, and you can share your sample with the MSDN community.

  • Find Code Samples

    You can do a text search and refine your search results by selecting a platform, Visual Studio version, programming language, topic, or technology at any time.

  • Learn through code

    The code sample page provides you with a rich html description, online code browsing, and an optional Q/A section where you can ask questions about the code sample. You can directly copy and paste the code from the browse code tab or download the code sample and open it inside Visual Studio.

  • Empower and Reward the Community

    When you find a great code sample you can help the contributor to improve his reputation by giving it a high rating. You can also help the contributor and other users by voting down low quality code samples.

When we originally released the old MSDN Code Gallery we wanted to provide Microsoft and the community with a great location to share code samples. Unfortunately this site has two main drawbacks:

  • The experience was not optimized for code samples.
  • The site was used to share content other than code samples.

The MSDN Code Samples Gallery tries to address both of these issues by only allowing code samples and providing more features that enable you to learn from the code more quickly.

What will be migrated?

We have been working with Microsoft and community publishers to get their content migrated to the new MSDN Code Gallery. Unfortunately, this is a manual process because we require the code samples to be packaged in the correct granularly and we require additional data like the topic and technologies you are trying to teach through your code sample. See theContributing Code Samples section for more information on how to upload your code sample.

What happens to content that is not migrated?

The content that is not migrated will still be available through its original URL but will redirect to We will not break any existing links

Yes, the migration process involves four simple steps:

  1. Open your original resource page on
  2. Browse to
    1. You might be asked to set up a MSDN profile account for your Windows Live ID. The new gallery uses the common MSDN profile where the old gallery did not.
  3. Upload your project. See the Contributing Code Samples section for more information on how to upload your code sample.
  4. Go to your original resource page on The redirect banner on this page allows you to set up the redirect to your new sample page.

Contributing Code Samples

What is a good code description?

A good code sample description is at least 1000 characters long (not including whitespace) and contains a rich html description that explains what you are teaching with your code sample. Users should be able to understand what you are teaching without the need to download the code sample.

You can add the following elements to your description through our editor:

upload image Images

upload code Code Section

upload video Videos

upload file File Attachments