Want to know: Use editor font in watch windows?

One of the recent requests in my post Wanted: Debugger User Interface Feedback was to allow the font of the watch window to be different from that of other toolwindows in Visual Studio like it was in version 6.0.  See the post for more details.


I agree that this is something we need to do; however, what is the default font we should use?  Should it be a proportional or variable-width font like Tahoma, Arial, or Verdana or should we use a constant-width font such as Courier?  VS7.0 has always used a proportional font, while VC 6.0 used Courier.


First, I'm just talking about default font here.  Though the current set of available bits don't allow the user to separately control the font in the debugger windows, it is something we're planning on before release. 


My current idea is to default to the same font as the editor.  After all, the watch and callstack windows both essentially display snippets of source, so why not use the exact same font as what the user is accustomed to seeing source?


What do you think?  BTW, be careful about stating that variable-width fonts use less horizontal space than constant width fonts.  This is not necessarily the case and is highly dependent on the fonts chosen for comparison!