TFS 2008 – HP Quality Center Connector December Pre-release

This post is now obsolete

For more information, please see Team Foundation Server Migration and Integration Solutions.

The TFS product team has been working with Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Quality Center team to develop the TFS 2008 – HP Quality Center (QC) Connector. It lets Quality Center 9.2 users synchronize their Defects with Work Items in TFS 2008. This synchronization can be performed interactively with a Windows (GUI) application or as a background task (running as a service). The Connector is built on the TFS Synchronization Toolkit and is available for download from Microsoft Connect (registration with the Connect site is required).


Along with the installer for the QC Connector, we’ve included a Getting Started (registration required) guide that explains the prerequisites, installation, configuration and usage of the Connector. There’s also a ZIP file containing a sample XML configuration file and a custom process template designed to sync with the demo project included with Quality Center 9.2. The sample configuration file and process template illustrate the following features of the Connector:

  • Synchronize Quality Center 9.2 Defects with TFS 2008 Bugs
  • Map enumerated values (e.g. priority, severity)
  • Map aliases in QC to display names in TFS and vice versa
  • Synchronize attachments
  • Synchronize links to other defects/bugs
  • Synchronize HTML fields in QC with HTML fields in TFS

The Connector itself is free. It does, however, require a TFS CAL and a QC CAL for the machine it's running on. In addition, everyone who views/edits data that's stored in TFS will need a TFS CAL.

This is the second pre-release with the next one (due later this month) planned as the formal Beta release. If you have any questions about the Connector, please contact me.