ADMP – Workaround for Some Broken Win2k8 Rules


In a previous blog post, I provided an “Addendum” MP to fix some Rules that do not work correctly in the Windows Server 2008 version of the Active Directory Management Pack.  All of these Rules have been fixed in the latest version of the ADMP (version 6.0.7670.0)…so if you’ve installed the latest version you should go ahead and remove that Addendum MP if you haven’t already.

However, we’ve recently found that we have some other Rules which are not working correctly, and these have not been corrected in the 7670 release of the MP.  These include some Rules that alert on events in the System and Application Event Log on Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers, and some Rules that alert on events in the Application log on Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers.

I’ve created a new “Addendum” MP to correct these Rules….note that these Rules are broken in previous versions of the ADMP as well, so if you are not currently using the 7670 version of the MP, you will still need this + the previous addendum.

The ADMP developers are aware of this problem and it will be corrected in the next release of the AD Management Pack.

Unsealed and sealed versions of the new Addendum MP are attached.