Several Management Packs Updated, fix for MaxConcurrentAPI Monitor included

We recently released updated versions of several Management Packs, including the Windows Server OS MP. Below are links to the updated MPs and the fixes that I am aware of:


Windows Server Operating System – Version 6.0.7230.0

  • Bug fixed: Microsoft.Windows.Server.LogicalDiskDiscovery.Module.Type.vbs script does not discover logical disks with large disk size
  • Update to support two configurable threshold values (waiters and timeouts) for triggering alert ‘MAX concurrent API Reached’

One change that may require some attention is the update to the “Max Concurrent API Monitor”.

In the previous version of the MP (6.0.7061.0), the Max Concurrent API monitor would run a script that looks at three Netlogon semaphore counters (Waiters, Holders, and Timeouts).  If any of them are greater than 0 and less than 4gb, then we generate an alert. Some customers were seeing false alerts from the Monitor due to some of the counters (especially Semaphore Holders) being greater than zero during non-problematic conditions.

In the new version of the Management Pack, the Max Concurrent API Monitor has the following changes:

  • The Semaphore Holders counter has been removed from the criteria that generates the alert
  • The Alert will only be generated if Semaphore Waiters or Timeouts exceed a defined threshold (instead of 0).  These thresholds can be configured as needed via Overrides.  The default thresholds are:
  • Semaphore Waiters = 50
  • Semaphore Timeouts = 2000

More information on the MaxConcurrentAPI setting can be found here.


Active Directory - Version 6.0.8293.0

  • Issue fixed: AD-Trust Monitor does not come back to healthy state
  • Issue fixed: AD_Database_and_Log.vbs does not support using ‘.’ as decimal sign for non-English account.


Cluster – Version 6.0.7230.0

  • Issue fixed: Cluster 2008 MP does not collect certain performance metrics.


DNS – Version 7.1.10259.0

  • Issue fixed: DNSMetrics2012R2Probe script can cause high CPU in MonitoringHost.exe


DHCP – Version 6.0.7230.0

  • Various issues fixed.


MSMQ 5.0 (6.0.6709.88)
MSMQ 6.0  (7.0.8569.0)
MSMQ 6.3 (7.1.10109.0)

  • Update to support monitoring workgroup machines