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Case Study: Part 1: CXPACKET Wait Stats & 'max degree of parallelism' Option: Introduction to Using Wait Stats to Identify & Remediate Query Parallelism Bottlenecks

This is the first of a four-part series: Introduction to Query Parallelism (this post) Flipping the...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 11/28/2008

Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment) for SQL Server: Part 3: PASS 2008

I've spoken publicly several times this year to crowds large-&-small: TechReady 6 (an internal...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 11/25/2008

Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment) for SQL Server: Part 2: Adding HP EVA 8000 to Veritas Enterprise Administrator “Track Alignment Settings” Dialog

Background In a previous post I documented the importance of disk partition alignment as a...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 11/04/2008

Drum Roll, Please...The Debut of The SQL DMV All-Stars Dream Team!

<#Author's note: Though I originally posted this six years ago, it's still one of my most popular...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 10/30/2008

Is Twitter the YouTube of 2008?

Always in pursuit of the elusive creature known as Work/Life Balance, I discard activities which...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 10/19/2008

PerfMon Objects, Counters, Thresholds, & Utilities for SQL Server

I’m frequently asked questions about which PerfMon counters to use & what thresholds to...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 10/15/2008

Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment) for SQL Server: Part 1: Slide Deck

<Note: 20081119: Deck updated w/ new graphics, perf metrics, & dynamic disk info>...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 10/14/2008

SQL Server: 4-Step Performance Troubleshooting Methodology--Introduction

Introduction: The Classic Protocol, Amended Introduction My customers are often surprised to learn...

Author: Jimmy May Date: 09/01/2008