PerfMon Objects, Counters, Thresholds, & Utilities for SQL Server

I’m frequently asked questions about which PerfMon counters to use & what thresholds to rely on. I’ve been amalgamating this information for years in the form of an Excel workbook: PerfMon_Counters_Digest_w_Vital_Signs_Correlation_v6.xls.


The current incarnation of this workbook includes worksheets related to the following topics:

· Performance objects for SQL Server 2000, 2005, & 2008

· Information related to logman.exe which I use to create, stop & start PerfMon counter logs

· List of counter thresholds

· I/O notes & references


An Excel workbook cannot easily provide a comprehensive primer. However, if you already have a working knowledge of PerfMon, you should be able to hit the ground running with the counters & thresholds documented here. As stated this is a work-in-progress which will from time-to-time be modified (& hopefully improved!).


Microsoft PFE Shane Creamer is the Yoda of PerfMon. He has created a workshop called Vital Signs. It is already available for public consumption, and he’s rumored to be updating it soon to a formal SKU. Whether you’re new to PerfMon or want to take your skills from Padawan to Jedi Master, the Vital Signs workshop is for you. Stay tuned for details.


I invite any insights & feedback.