SQL Server Schema Best Practices from the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT)

An authoritative reference on schema usage in SQL Server 2005 is now available.

Along with my buddy Joe Sack, it's been my privilege in the last few months to serve as Technical Reviewer on white papers for the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT).

The latest-&-greatest has been released:

SQL Server Best Practices – Implementation of Database Object Schemas


The primary author is Michael Redman, a Principal Consultant from Microsoft Australia.  Michael is a pretty sharp fellow, especially for a guy who lives most of his life standing upside down—perhaps it's all the blood rushing to his brain, eh? 

<ADD>  Arthur Benjamin must have a lot of blood in his brain—check out his mathemagic performance.  All 15 minutes are great, and at least check out the last two minutes.  I can square two digits if I squint & can do three on a good day if you don't rush me, but five???  The indubitable consequence would be a buffer overflow.</ADD>

For more great SQL material, browse the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team’s best practices & eponymous sites:


Thanks much to SQL CAT Best Practices Senior Program Manager Sanjay Mishra for the opportunity.


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