Announcing New England GiveCamp

Cheesy community clip-artOne of the more rewarding aspects of being a Developer Evangelist is interacting with the technical community.  Even in just the two years since I’ve been on board at Microsoft, it seems like the opportunities out there – user groups, Meetups, Code Camps, SQL Saturdays, SharePoint Saturdays, BarCamps, Build Nights, Ignites, etc. - have just exploded.

While these events are invaluable in helping us to enhance our technical skills and broaden our professional and personal networks, I’m here today to announce a different kind of event, one where we – the greater New England technical community – give back by donating our services to various non-profit organizations in our region.

GiveCamp New England GiveCamp , which will be held from June 11 through the 13th, at the New England Research and Development Center (NERD) in Cambridge, will bring together about 100 developers, designers, and other professionals and students to form teams dedicated to providing custom software solutions (web sites, CRMs, etc.) for selected non-profit organizations in New England. 

Since 2008, over 150 organizations across the country have benefitted from various GiveCamps – primarily in the central United States – so I’m excited to help foster a similar technology-neutral event leveraging the talents of the various technical communities in New England.


How can you help? 

Check out the FAQ on the New England GiveCamp web site – we need people (and sponsors!) now as well as on-site during the ‘coding marathon’ that weekend. 

Follow @NEGiveCamp on Twitter, and spread the word by including the hashtag #negc2010 in your tweets.

Talk to non-profit organizations in your own community and encourage them to contact us – via the form on the web site – to see how they can benefit from this event.

I’m happy to discuss this event further with you if you have additional questions not addressed on the web site.  Let’s work together to make this an awesome event!