Awesome WPF/Silverlight Guidance

I don’t casually throw around words like ‘awesome', but this is indeed it.  If you’re building applications for WPF and/or Silverlight, you’ve certainly become XAMLized, since XAML (eXtensible Markup Language) is the “common” user-interface description markup.   Well, more-or-less “common”.  Both technologies use XAML, but the level of support has subtle nuances, and things that are supported on WPF may not be supported on Silverlight (though 99% of Silverlight is supported by WPF).  It’s not always obvious what the nuances are, and like me, you may have discovered them empirically – and uttered a few words of frustration not printable here.

The good news is that WPF and Silverlight are aligning, so “we feel your pain,” and the development process and support will continue to converge.  Until we reach that nirvana though, the WPF-Silverlight Comparison Whitepaper is a MUST read for anyone embarking on (or currently developing) WPF and Silverlight applications.  It’s a comprehensive 69-page document on just those nuances between the technologies that we prefer to know about before designing and coding – versus after!

The document was produced by our friends at Wintellect at the behest of Microsoft, and is, well, an awesome reference for developers in this space.