Azure Deep Dive with Jeffrey Richter

Register for Windows Azure Deep DiveThis is a great opportunity to catch one of the true rockstars of .NET development talking about the platform (Windows Azure) that is the foundation of the next generation of application development – and it’s all FREE!

Jeffrey Richter, co-founder of Wintellect and author of CLR via C#, the definitive book on the .NET Common Language Runtime, will be delivering an Azure Deep Dive at four east coast Microsoft offices in the middle of May:

Friday, May 13th New York City (simulcast)

Monday, May 16th Waltham, MA

Wednesday, May 18th Alpharetta, GA

Wednesday, May 20th Reston, VA

Registration for all live events (which run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)is via Wintellect’s site, and if you aren’t in the proximity of one of these locations, you can sign up for the simulcast of the New York City event on the MSDN Events site.

Sessions include:

Introduction to the Windows Azure Service Platform

Platform as a Service versus Platform as a service, stateful servers versus stateless servers, the independent Azure services

Azure Blobs

Containers, conditional operations, block & page blobs, continuation tokens, snapshots, leases, shared access signatures, simulating directory hierarchies, custom domain names, content delivery service, & retry policies

Azure Tables

Properties, partitioning, serializing entities, updating entities, optimistic concurrency

Azure Queues

Scenarios, robust message processing & idempotency, handling poison messages

Azure Compute Services

Deployment, configuration, tools, roles & interaction with the Azure fabric controller, architecting services for Azure