Code 7 and Say Hello to LA and PDC

“…there must be 7 ways to get to PDC”  (apologies to Paul Simon)

Just announced, yet another way to earn bucks by geeking out with the latest Microsoft technologies!  Once you’ve put your finishing touches on your entries to Component Art’s Silverlight Coding Competition and Telerik’s Silverlight Contest, try your hand at Code7.

Your mission: develop a Windows client application (such as WPF, WinForms, MFC, or Win32) that highlights one or more of the wicked cool features of Windows 7.  Not sure where to start?  Check out the Windows XP to Windows 7 reference application (but I think they’ll catch on if you make that your entry!)

At stake: a prize of $17,777 in cash and the opportunity to present your application to the Microsoft executives at PDC thus garnering the attention of thousands of developers there in addition to those tuning in remotely to PDC happenings.

Check out Yochay’s blog post for more info, or just click the banner below.  Good luck!

Code 7 - Code to the Power of Windows 7