Dynamic Data VB Style

Thanks to the New England Visual Basic Professionals User Group for the invitation to speak on ASP.NET Dynamic Data this evening in Waltham. AV glitches and the mass migration from MPR-C to MPR-B aside, I hope the content was relevant and useful.  This was my first time presenting a VB version of this talk, and I have to comment that it was also the most interactive group I've spoken to on the subject!   As a result, while we got through the nuts and bolts, we didn't get to discuss other concerns about deploying Dynamic Data sites like adding business validation rules, addressing security, etc.

To that end, I'm posting the presentation slides on my SkyDrive, as well as the VB version of the ASP.NET Routing Demo that we looked at.  As always, I'm available via e-mail or through the blog feedback channel if you have any question or comments on these material (or actually on anything in general related to developing on the Microsoft platform).

I'm also listing the resource links that I showed at the end of the presentation here for future reference:

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Web Site: http://www.asp.net/dynamicdata

Microsoft Blogs

External Blogs