Get RESTy With It

Preview 2 of the WCF REST Starter Kit is now available on CodePlex.  I covered an earlier version of the Starter Kit during our Northeast Roadshow last December.  As you may recall, the WCF REST Starter Kit enables you to pretty quickly build singleton and collection resource-based services that support both Atom, XML, and JSON serialization formats.

The update adds a new HttpClient class that streamlines the connection to and invocation of RESTful calls, with support for the primary REST HTTP verbs – GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.  Another really cool addition is an add-in that creates a serializable class based on an XML string, making it just that much easier to consume REST-based services, regardless of where they are hosted.

There’s four great labs as well to get you started (which I got to check out pre-release).  So, even if the only thing you know about REST is how to spell it, these concise exercises will get you up and running in no time:

  • Lab 1 – Hello REST
  • Lab 2 – Addressability
  • Lab 3 -  REST Collection
  • Lab 4 -  Consuming RESTful Services

Download the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2 here.

Download the Hands-On Labs here.