Got MSDN? Get CCR and DSS

This just out.  If you have an MSDN Professional or Premium subscription, you now have access to the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio Standard Edition (an upgrade from the previous, free Express Edition).

You’ll also get the Microsoft CCR and DSS Toolkit Standard Edition, technologies that were originally released with Robotics Studio.  And what does that get me, you ask?

  • CCR stands for Concurrency and Coordination Runtime and provides an architecture and classes for passing in-memory messages to coordinate and orchestrate data and work.   Think sensors collection myriads of readings and being able to process that input efficiently.
  • DSS is Decentralized Software Services, and completely decoupled from CCR.  In a few words, DSS facilitates creating loosely-coupled, state-driven applications.

Along with the core components, the toolkit includes a Visual Programming Language to support application composition and deployment.

Clear as mud? Well, here’s a couple of real-world uses of CCR (from from Tyco Software House and Siemens)  to get you thinking of how you might be able to leverage this technology, sans C3PO.


Get Microsoft Silverlight


Click here for Siemens Case Study