I Don’t Think We’re In Dallas Anymore

The topic was “Dallas”, but the weather was all New York winter…

 On the way to Rochester Squint really hard - I-90 toward Buffalo Driving essentials

This week, I took a trip down I-90, specifically the New York Thruway, to visit three of our .NET User Groups:I-90 all the way

Coordinating for one user group is a good deal of work by itself, so special thanks to Bob Nims, Andy Beaulieu, and Griff Townsend (the leaders of the above groups) for coordinating and adjusting their schedules to accommodate me.   And, of course, thanks to everyone who came out to hear about “Dallas.”  It’s not often I present to a .NET group where no one has heard of the topic, so it was kind of fun being able to introduce “Dallas” to everyone there.

What’s “Dallas”, you ask, well in a nutshell it’s a Data-as-a-Service marketplace, hosted on Azure, that provides a low friction, RESTful interface to huge amounts of data – such as from the AP, NASA, United Nations, InfoUSA and more.  You can grab my slides from the presentation here and check out my Dallas blog postings for more information.