I Suru, Do You?

photoSuru that is...  photoSuru is a WPF photo viewer application that was featured as part of Scott Guthrie's keynote at the Microsoft PDC this past October. 


While it's a wicked pissah app just to play with, the real value in my mind is that the source code is all there on WindowsClient.NET, so those of you as user-experienced challenged as I can get a leg up on building an app that isn't all '90's'

...but that's not all.  This app as well as a few other examples were built on the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit (try saying that three times fast!)  This beta kit and SDK provide building blocks for you to create your own Syndicated Client Experiences (SCEs), which are basically applications that leverage RSS and the Microsoft Sync Framework to bring content to the local computer, where the application itself can take control of the presentation of that content.

You can download the SCE Starter Kit Beta 2; a number of videos and articles are also available there to give your insight into how the framework was used to build photoSuru.