IE9 Beta Available: Experience the Beauty of the Web

IE9’s beta release just went live - moving our next iteration of the web browser experience one step closer to release, one step closer to compliance with emerging standards, and one step closer to the client as well.  If you’ve experimented with the four platform previews of IE9 that have come out over the past few months, you may be familiar with the focus on performance and forthcoming standards like HTML5 and CSS3.   With the beta release, we get the first look at the actual browser chrome, simplified as you can see below – the site highlighting the ultra-cool and interactive HTML 5 experience found on

Endless Mural

I’ve just started playing with it now myself, but definitely like the tear-away tabs (with Snap functionality) and am already moving my IE desktop shortcuts to commonly accessed sites and web applications (like Facebook) to my Windows 7 taskbar.  Check out  below what happens when you tear-off IE9 tabs with Facebook and Twitter and pin them onto the taskbar – context aware jumplists!

Facebook IE9 jumplist      Twitter IE9 jumplist


For more insight into what IE9 offers, heck out the following resources: