I’ll have an RC

rcWhen I was growing up in the South, “RC” meant one thing – Royal Crown Cola.  It’s still around, but certainly RC has a much different connotation in the  technology circles that I’m now part of.

It’s that latter interpretation -- “Release Candidate” -- that has prompted this latest post. Just this week, two significant products have just released their RC 1.

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is now available for users of XP, Vista, and Windows Server (2003 and 2008).  If you are running Windows 7, you’ll need to work with the version of IE 8 that shipped with the beta;  IE 8 on Windows 7 will be refreshed on a separate schedule.

The ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate is also now available (download the MSI), and will be the last release prior to “version 1.0” expected next month.  Both Phil Haack and Scott Guthrie have loads of information on their respective blogs.  (You may want to check out Phil’s subsequent post as well where he documents a known bug with the RC – just to save yourself sometime pulling your own hair out!).