Make $100 x 5 this Weekend on Windows 8!

imageLet's face it, your March Madness bracket is toast - and any hope of winning that pool is lost. But there's a better way to make some extra cash, have a bit of fun, and get bragging rights by having your casual game appear in the Windows 8 store – the Gr8 St8 Student App-a-thon.

This is the last weekend of the Windows 8 App Madness Challenge! If you're a student 16 or older at an accredited US educational institution, you're eligible to get a $100 Visa card for each of up to FIVE applications that are submitted and accepted in the Windows 8 Store by Thursday, April 11.

Since it can take a few days for submissions to hit the store, THIS WEEKEND’s event is a great opportunity to get on board and crank out those games and apps!

There is no barrier to entry:

The only thing missing is you and your creativity. And to make it even more fun (and lucrative), we're hosting an on-line App-a-Thon this Saturday, April 6th, to inspire, instruct, and assist you on your way to becoming a certified mobile application publisher! All on-line participants even get entered into a raffle to win an X-Box!

You've got nothing to lose and $500 to gain.

Not a student? There's something for you too! You're not eligible for the App Madness Challenge; however, you may be eligible for our Keep the Cash promotion in which you can accumulate up to $2000 through the end of June ($100 for up to 10 apps published in the Windows Store and another $1000 for up to 10 apps published in the Windows Phone Store). Join in the fun this weekend and learn how!