Meet (and Learn) Windows Azure

Breaking News!  

Bill Laing has provided a preview of this latest release in his post on the Windows Azure blog Announcing New Windows Azure Services to Deliver “Hybrid Cloud”


Back in December, Scott Guthrie and crew held a day-long session covering Windows Azure platform technologies and the tools and techniques developers can leverage to make full use of what the cloud offers.  Well, he’s back!  

Six months is a long time in “technology years” and the landscape cloudscape is continually changing, so it’s a great time to check back in and see how the Windows Azure story continues to evolve and mature.  There are actually a few events upcoming, with the kickoff being the Meet Windows Azure event in San Francisco tomorrow (streamed live beginning at 4 p.m. Eastern Time).Register for Meet Windows Azure

A series of “Learn Windows Azure” events then kicks of at TechEd North America on June 11th (also streamed live), and a complementary event – you guessed it  - will also be streamed live from TechEd Europe on June 26th.

On top of that there’s a number of in-person Windows Azure Dev Camps that will be held worldwide over the next few weeks to bring the cloud closer to you.  In the US, there’s only the Phoenix venue on June 19th; Toronto will be hosting a session on June 20th. The rest of you will definitely want to tune in to one of the streaming sessions!