My DevRadio Debut: Practically Azure

Microsoft Dev RadioI've jumped on the DevRadio bandwagon and just completed the first episode of “Practically Azure!” (below)  It’s my take at distilling the continually evolving (and sometimes daunting) behemoth of Windows Azure into approachable chunks that you can try out and adopt as part of your own projects.

Rather than geeking out on all of the details of any given feature, I’m planning to keep each episode under 10 minutes in length. I’ll use a combination of slides, demos, and code to give you general awareness and insight of each of the primary Windows Azure services. My goal is for you to come away with enough details to know how and when a feature would be useful to you, the empowerment to try those features out, and a list of references for deeper insight into implementation details and application patterns.

Download: MP3 MP4 (iPod, Zune HD) High Quality MP4 (iPad, PC) Mid Quality MP4 (WP7, HTML5) High Quality WMV (PC, Xbox, MCE)