New Hampshire Code Camp Wants You

Uncle Pat Wants You!

I was poking around and happened upon the list of sessions for the upcoming (and inaugural) New Hampshire Code Camp next Saturday, February 28, on the campus of Daniel Webster College in Nashua.

Top Chef Pat Tormey has cooked up some great speakers and topics.   Here’s just a sampling from the smörgåsbord that he’s put together so far:

  • Accessing SQL Server 2008 New Features from .NET
  • ALT.NET and application frameworks
  • Basics of SharePoint Development
  • Writing Line of Business Applications With Silverlight 2
  • Developing Smarter and more Useful Cubes: Analysis Services 2008

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, make your reservation to attend, and I’ll see you there!  Where else will you be able to consume great content on a wide variety of developer, database, and IT technologies under one roof, in one day??  all FREE!