Two Webcast Opportunities–Twilio and Mashery

Many of you know I’m one of the co-organizers of New England GiveCamp, which takes place this coming weekend May 4 – 6th. Both Twilio and Mashery have signed on as sponsors of that event, and each is offering a webcast this week (Wednesday and Thursday, both at 7 p.m.) to spin up the volunteer developer teams on their API offerings.  Both are also graciously extending the invitation to the broader development community – that means you!

If you aren’t familiar with Mashery and Twilio, you should be.  They represent the tide of the next wave (or perhaps it’s the current wave) of application development. As applications become more and more mobile and socially inclined (remember the SoMoClo evolution), you’ll be turning to finished cloud services like these two organizations offer. Technologies like REST, OData, OAuth, provide the glue the enable you to build applications with pretty much any platform, on pretty much any cloud, and deliver unique and personal experiences to your end users.  I’ve been working with Twilio a bit already and am really eager to start some Windows 8 development and leverage cloud services such as provided and curated by Mashery.

Below are the details for each of the webcasts, we hope you can join us as the information is relevant far beyond the scope of GiveCamp.  I’d also like to thank Jon Gottfried, Developer Evangelist at Twilio, and Amit Jotwani, Developer Advocate at Mashery, for taking the time to provide this opportunity.

Twilio Wed. May 2nd, 7 p.m.

Twilio is the leading telephony platform for developers to extend and expand their applications with Voice and SMS communications. Our focus for this workshop will be to get an overview of the basic features and functionality of the Twilio platform; send, receive, and respond to SMS messages; place, receive, and respond to phone calls; and use Twilio Client to use your browser to place and receive phone calls. Presenter: Jon Gottfried, Developer Evangelist, Twilio



MasheryThurs. May 3rd, 7 p.m. Register here

What are APIs? Why you should be interested and why they should be every developer's best friend. Developers will also get a taste of API Explorer - an interactive documentation system designed to learn and explore RESTful APIs like Klout, USA TODAY, Rovi,, New York Times and many more.

Mashery is the world leader in API technology and services helping over 150 companies manage their APIs.

Presenter: Amit Jotwani, Developer Advocate & Front-end Developer at Mashery