Windows 8 App Madness Challenge

App Madness Challenge!Are you a student developer or game enthusiast at a school in the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia)? know one who is? If so check the Windows 8 App Madness Challenge.

Between now and April 11, there will be four rounds, and for each app you submit during a round (up to five per round) you’re eligible for a $100 gift card.  Do the math: publish five unique apps each round, and you could pocket $2000!

But there’s more. For each round, the person that publishes the most apps to the Windows Store during that round wins a trip for 2, including airfare, hotel accommodations for two nights, and some spending money.

Trip to where you ask? That’s the fun part, you can help decide by being part of a poll that will be run on the Facebook page!

To get on board, start writing those Windows 8 applications! Like the Facebook page, and register for Generation App to access tons of resources (live and on-line) for writing your games and apps.  Oh, yeah, and be sure to read the official contest rules for all that legal stuff.